Sunday, August 29, 2010

What’s Ahead?

  The future is the strange and mysterious unknown always waiting just ahead. You may b able to influence the future with good planning and wise choices, but the future has a way of confounding even the best planners. Trying to prepare for all situations that the futures may drop in your path can be complex and exhausting. Simplicity in your approach to the future comes by trusting God, holding tightly to God’s hand, and listening voice inside your heart.
God has a great and wonderful plan for your life, and he is committed to helping you find and fulfill that plan sees clearly the things that you cannot. With his guidance, you can meet any challenge the future might hold for you.
Throughout history, men and women have tried to know and understand coming events, but the Bible says God is the only true references for what lies ahead. Trusting in any other system may leave you with more question than answers. Trusting God will always keep you safe and satisfied. God has set in place a secure system for learning everything you need to know in order to successfully fulfill your future destiny.

"God knows everything that the future holds for you, and is walking at your side every step of the way.".


  1. You are the one who will PLAN for your future and GOD will ALWAYS there to Guide YOU ...