Sunday, August 29, 2010

Real Treasure

Your family may be the reason you have set out on this quest to simplify your life. Perhaps you are longing to have more time to spend with them. That’s a wonderful motivation- and a wonderful resource. Make your family part of goal to simplify and your chances for success will greatly increase.
Replace one activity in your in your schedule for time alone with a family member at least once a week. That may mean foregoing an hour of television or giving up your place on the bowling league. It could mean reading one less chapter in your novel or choosing not to bring work home from the office. Let love your family helps you cut back your schedule by identifying those activities you can live without
Invite family help members to join you in pursuit of a simpler lifestyle. Consider making this a rule: each family member is to address witch of the others with respect as fitting a person created in the image of God. This rule could improve family relation by minimizing time wasted dealing with disputes, hurt, anger, and resentment.

                                Your family is a wonderful motivator and great resources
                                          Work together to make a simple life reality

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