Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free to Live

Pause for a moment to consider why you are seeking to simplify your life. Is it because you are tired of running after superficialities and wish to focus on those things that have true and lasting value? Perhaps you feel your life has become tangled, complicated, and out of control. You want to free yourself to ensure that your life makes a difference. The success of your mission depends on your determination to turn your back on the temptations that can derail you and leave your life anything but simple.
Everyone is subject to temptation. The Bible says that even Jesus was tempted, and yet he stood firm and resisted. It’s a fact that temptation will always be a challenge. But the Bible also says that it’s a battle you can win with God’s help. Victory will help you again maintain the simple lifestyle you’re striving for.

 "Resisting temptation can help you achieve your goal of a simpler life by keeping your life free of complications and entanglements."

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